The "E-VIA FLEX-E mobility in Italy, France and Spain" project begins in late 2017 with the aim to foster the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and to increase the availability of High-Power Charging (HPC) infrastructures across Europe, contributing to the European alternative fuels implementation strategy. 

The Project realized a study and a real-life pilot of 14 ultra-fast charging stations (with a rated power up to 350 kW) mainly on Core Network Corridors in France with 2 sites, Italy with 8 sites, and Spain with 4 sites. 

The Project, presented by Enel X as coordinator, in collaboration with the utilities EDF, Enedis and Verbund, the car manufacturers Nissan and Group Renault as well as IBIL, a Spanish company specialised in charging services for electric vehicles, was selected by the European Commission in the Connecting Europe Facility Transport 2016 call, obtaining funding that covers half the investment required. 

The overall eligible budget for the implementation of the Project is about 6.69 million euros. 

The deployment activities of the 14 ultra-fast charging stations (High Power Charging - HPC) started in 2018 and led to the activation, at the beginning of 2023, of 14 sites available to EV-drivers.